NPI is always thinking down the road. Imagining superior ideas, developing them into valuable solutions, and providing them to our customers with unmatched service and quality. Our competitive advantage is simple: it’s our unique approach in delivering ingenuity and craftsmanship, with relentless drive for our clients’ satisfaction. NPI is a provider of mobile access solutions for the wireless telecommunications industry, including architecture densification. Our access solution has the ability to offer a wider range of connectivity, a broader scope of applications, and an opportunity to develop new products based on ever changing wireless standards. We are leaders in providing Ultra Dense Network architecture. Our technology is ideal for the close-to-user demands of emerging 5G networks, IoT, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and mobile data. Analysts agree that the majority of all internet traffic will be wireless by 2018. One and a half billion consumers currently have smart devices, creating a need for dramatically increased wireless access bandwidth, above and beyond what today’s networks can provide.

Our Team

Terrance Berry

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Terrance Berry is responsible for the overall business activities and functions of NPI, including defining the mission and vision for innovative wireless solutions, procuring funding, and ensuring a consistent focus on the company’s mission and vision.

Mr. Berry brings more than 20 years of industry experience in wired and wireless telecom as well as datacom technologies with a proven record of working with large equipment manufacturers and carriers including Alcatel-Lucent, IBM and FedEx. A holistic visionary, Mr. Berry is constantly following ever-changing industry standards, regulatory compliance and market fluctuations and their impacts on strategic direction and overall product success. Prior to NPI, Mr. Berry gained extensive experience in working at all levels of the value chain in the telecom industry from development to cell tower technologies. Mr. Berry also has patents pending in key wireless technologies.

L. Michael Pizzini

Co-founder & Executive Vice President
L. Michael Pizzini is responsible for marketing and sales strategy, including product and solution marketing, brand naming, corporate communications program strategy, sales, and channel marketing and sales placement.

His more than 20 years of industry experience includes serving as principal to Selltower Services as well as multiple sales management and marketing positions at Alcatel-Lucent.
His last position there was co-acting vice president of sales supporting the AT&T account for the wireless division. Prior to NPI, Mr. Pizzini held sales and marketing positions for Newbridge Networks, UB Networks, Compaq Computer Networking Division, NetWorth Inc, and Tandy Corporation, among others.