NPI can make all U.S. paved roadways intelligent with one Ultra Dense Network for enhanced mobile data coverage

Smart Reflective Technology™

Mobile data growth and the vast number of connected mobile devices are overwhelming today’s cellular networks. Add to that emerging technologies like 5G networks, autonomous vehicles, IoT and smart cities that demand the higher number of low-power access nodes in Ultra Dense Networks, and it becomes obvious that NPI has the answer – our patented Smart Reflective Technology™ that allows for continuous wireless access along any paved surface in the world.

Cellular connectivity can be too costly

The need to offload mobile data traffic to free more bandwidth from today’s cellular network is evident. Carriers even have mobile devices programmed to automatically shift mobile data to a wireless connection, if present, to decrease demand on the cellular network. And users have to consider the extra expense they can incur by exceeding data limits.

Smart Reflective Architecture for
Seamless Wireless & Ultra Dense Networks

NPI’s Smart Reflective Architecture allows for a seamless mobile data infrastructure, enabling carriers to have the capability to enhance the mobile user experience with better connectivity, higher throughput, and access to a broadened customer base.

With technology advancing in 5G networks, IoT, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and more, Ultra Dense Networks are increasingly required. NPI provides the ideal solutions in devices and design to build that infrastructure reliably and affordably.

What differentiates NPI from all others is our innovative, patented, green Smart Reflec tive Technology that ensures optimal performance, extended coverage and ubiquitous, converged access for users, regardless of the devices they employ.


Smart Reflective Architecture

Innovative, Patented and Green

With NPI’s Smart Reflective Technology, drivers and their passengers have a continual wireless connection, without accessing a single cell tower, as long as they’re travelling within posted speed limits. Our wireless, low-power sensor and beacon reflectors can be deployed alongside traditional macro base stations and small cell technology as well as user-deployed wireless or femto nodes.

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Our smart reflective signage and road markers provide broader access and network coverage to mature wireless standards along any paved surface, anywhere in the world. And it’s all within a green, low-power architecture that offers enhanced coverage, higher throughput and extended range.